Dates of productionJanuary 1976 to summer 1978 (VX Series)
August 1977 to summer 1978 (VX490)
Body types4-door saloon and 5-door estate
Engines1759cc (88bhp)
2279cc (108bhp)
2279cc twin carb (118bhp)
Fuel consumption
test overall
25 mpg (VX1800)
25 mpg (VX2300)
17 mpg (VX490)
Top speed100mph (VX1800)
104mph (VX2300)
106mph (VX490)
0-60 time13.7 sec (VX1800)
11.3 sec (VX2300)
11.1 sec (VX490)
DimensionsLength 14ft 11in
Width 5ft 7in
Height 4ft 6in
Kerbweight2569 lb (VX1800 saloon)
2658 lb (VX1800 estate)
2604 lb (VX2300 saloon)
2689 lb (VX2300 estate)
2779 lb (VX2300GLS)
2745 lb (VX490)
Price at launch£2991 (VX2300)
Number produced25,815 (VX1800, VX2300 and VX2300GLS)
943 (VX490)